International Staffing Group Inc. is a highly motivated, skilled and effective recruiting agency that has placed hundreds of qualified U.S employees into key positions for foreign-countries . ISG ensures that each contract will be at their peak for fulfillment and manning rates , while reducing their recruiting fees and expenses.

How does ISG do better than the competition?
Proven Process, Effective Recruiting, Best Pricing!


ISG has an international team that is comprised of highly qualified, skilled recruiters who screen the employees. ISG makes sure that all documents and paperwork is handled efficiently to the client. ISG prescreens employees, saving the employer time and money on advertisement and searching for personnel. ISG takes the legwork out and gives you what you are looking for in an individual position.

ISG works with your requirements and get you want you need in a timely manner.
As the recruiting partner, it is our goal to expedite our client’s search without sacrificing quality.
ISG has had a proven track record of staffing. ISG has its own process for making sure that there is a smooth transition for the employee and employer. Our staff stays in touch with the employer and employee throughout the recruitment process all the way through to the mobilization of the employee.
ISG differentiates itself in working with each client on a one to one basis.   

ISG is happy to make two new announcements!

Welcome new contract! Zahran Trading Company! And the Royal Saudi Naval Forces! We are looking forward to a prosperous and fruitful relationship!   For more details on Zahran and ISG’s new Naval contract please go to our services page!

International Staffing Group Inc. is a premier world-wide staffing agency.  ISG offers its customers the highest quality in meeting their staffing needs by providing  contract staffing. ISG is proud to have received ITAR status and can now be your trading partner!  If you are looking for a TAA ( Technical Assistance Partner) or if you are looking replacements parts, refurbished or new parts for aviation, naval or any other business we can assist you with competitive pricing!   

What differentiates ISG from many other companies is that we are flexible to meet the individual  requirements of all our customers. ISG services governments, foreign military requirements and corporations.

ISG has a unique business goal: meet the needs of each business, government, client by competitive pricing and a proven track record.   

We place engineers, IT specialists, corporate trainers, consultants, military experts, aviation experts, naval experts, experts in defense and educators around the globe.  ISG’s dedicated staff ensures cultural training for every person it employs. ISG trains employees on customs, traditions, political and overall culture. The reason we do this  to best assimilate our staff to each country. 
ISG focuses on bringing high quality staff to each organization while reducing operating costs and allowing the company to focus on profits. Employees have experience, expertise and dedication to make a corporate difference.  We provide the cross cultural expertise that gives each customer the advantage they require.  ISG is very competitive in its pricing. We will beat your current contract by 10% in operating costs. 
ISG currently has contracts  Saudi Arabia,  while awaiting bids on Department of defense contracts in Japan, England and Germany. ISG focuses on bringing  the highest quality staff to each organization while reducing overall operating costs. ISG ensures professional staff, who need minimal to no training and bring in experience, thus reducing manpower time needed to train. Each employee brings a world of knowledge to each organization.  
ISG Parts- we will reduce your costs by 10% of your current contracts, We are confident we will supply your currents parts needs and reduce overall expenses.

ISG’s next goal after supplying the basic needs of each of its customers is to give a dedicated staff member to each company. This person will be the liason between ISG and the corporation.  ISG prides itself on having some of  the most knowledgeable staff members in the Middle East and in particular, Saudi Arabia. Not only are they well versed in Arabic, but most are familiar with life in Saudi, its cultures, and traditions.
ISG will make sure each member recruited is trained by our cultural experts.  ISG will have its staff member meet with the members it recruits via phone or if possible in person to train them on life in the United States or whichever country they may be going to.  This ensures the contract is handled efficiently.  ISG trains each professional on the requirements and expectations of each contract we provide.  ISG professional cultural trainers ensure they understand where they are going and what they need to do to make sure each of ISG’s contracts are 100% satisfied.  
ISG focuses on the international, multi-national corporate sector, and provides each with “best of the best “ in personnel.  Whether you are seeking a  sonar technician or a aerospace engineer ISG comes through everytime with price and qualified personnel.

ISG is committed to price-values. We know we can meet the price of our competition and reduce your company's overall costs. On average, ISG can save you a minimum of 10% of your current vendors charges.

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