International Staffing Group Inc. is a Florida-based, globalized staffing agency that specializes in these major areas:
  • Aviation Industry
  • Navy Staffing
  • C-130, F-15, F-16, and F-18 Personnel
  • TAA
  • Parts

Aviation Industry - ISG provides aviation staffing.

Navy Staffing - ISG places retired U.S Navy personnel on ships in Saudi Arabia working besides the Royal Saudi Naval Fleet. Placing the highest qualified people to get the jobs done right. Securing itself as a leader for Naval recruitment. 

C-130, F-15, F-16, F-18 - ISG recruits for corporations and fulfills staffing needs for government agencies that require expertise in C-130 aircraft and qualified F-15, F-16, and F-18 experienced personnel.

HELO/AWACS - ISG recruits for corporations and fulfills staffing needs for government agencies that require expertise in HELO/AWACS.

Proven Process, Effective Recruiting, Best Pricing!

TAA - ISG recruits and fills technical  positions for foreign country programs. ISG is licensed under the ITAR and is fully licensed and registered under the Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance . ISG Inc proudly announces that it has achieved ITAR accreditation. ISG Inc. now has become your one stop shop. ISG can now hire and place U.S trained personnel for your company as the TAA, and enter into contracts as your Technical Assistance Agreement partner. ISG has been working with foreign governments successfully recruiting all levels of personnel and now can fully bid and work with your company to fulfill its contracting levels for U.S employees by providing technical assistance.
Under ITAR ISG Inc. has opened a new division as well!

Parts - ISG now can supply your government with new and refurbished parts for aircraft and navy as well as other business supply needs from the United States.

We offer competitive pricing, please call for quote!

Since we are diversified, our staff is equipped to provide corporations, governments and employees the highest level of expertise. We also are a flexible company, in that we can accommodate and customize requirements for each individual client. 

Our goal is to be the best recruiting agency for you. We develop long-term relationships, work around the clock, to fit any times zone and have multi-lingual personnel for ease of conversation and contracting. ISG Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in the recruitment of personnel for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and plans on expansion to all parts of the globe.

You can feel confident in making International Staffing Group Inc. your staffing and technical assistance partner. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations, export rules, request for proposal writing , employment visa standards, technologies, and economics that influence the aviation, naval and parts industry enable us to provide you with talented professionals who will integrate seamlessly into your organization.
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