For Employees: Keys to Success

Step 1: Getting to Know Each One of You
An ISG recruiter will work one on one with you throughout the recruiting process. Once we obtain data requirements such as resume, DD214 and training certificates, we present your files to the employer. If the employer finds you to be a suitable match we will provide you with an offer letter. 


Step 2: The Offer
Once you get an offer letter, you will be asked to review it and make sure it is what you accept. We will then ask for you to sign off on the offer and send it back to ISG.

Step 3: Visa Process
ISG will walk the candidate throughout the visa processing procedures. ISG requires and follows the guidelines of each foreign-government it works with. Each Employee will need to obtain and employment visa. The requirements include the following:  1.) a medical exam. A complete physical with x-rays and lab work may be required. 2.) Background check- a trip to obtain a police background check from a local sheriff’s department may be required. It will need to be on letterhead and signed. 3.) Passport- must possess active U.S non-military passport. 4.) DD214 and training certificates must be sent to ISG.  5) Visa application forms- must be filled out 6.) employer forms- any forms requested by the employer must be filled out.

Step 4: Mobilization
Once all visas are obtained ISG will arrange flight information and guidelines on culture and customs of each country. ISG staffs international personnel who understand each culture and can assist with the understanding of each country so the employee with adjust and feel comfortable with the their new work environment. 

Step 5: 90 Day Follow Up
We stay in close contact with you, the employee to ensure the success and longevity of your placement. 

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